‘How to’ Tutorials

These tutorials are FREE to paid up members of Kate’s Pilates classes, including live, video and face to face classes

The thoracic spine can get very stiff especially between the shoulder blades and down towards the bottom of the back of the ribs.
In Pilates classes we do the Sphinx and Childs Pose to mobilise this area of the spine.
Here I show you how to use props such as the roller or a Pilates ball to help alleviate some stiffness.
DO NOT do these exercises if you have osteoarthritis in your spine.



The “Dishwasher Bend’ in action!
Doing Pilates exercises once a week is fantastic. Using Pilates while performing everyday activities is even better!
In this video I show you how to bend while doing a spot of housework, making the movements safe and beneficial
Happy cleaning!



A flared rib cage (when your lower front ribs raise or stick out) during exercise means you are failing to use your abdominal muscles which in turn can lead to back problems
In this 10 minute video I explain the purpose and benefit of rib imprinting
I also lead you through four simple exercises which will cement your understanding and master the ‘how to’ so you will be rib imprinting perfectly in your next class