If you want access to 14 plus classes on video (from now until end of August 2020) the fee is £3 a week for as many weeks as are left. Choose from level 1 & 2 or 2 & 3. Try a class for free

Join anytime – please email to book –

Kate’s weekly Online Pilates Package (From Sept 2020) includes:

  • 3 live online classes
  • A new weekly video

There is a choice of level for both the live classes and the videos: Beginner/intermediate/more advanced (1, 2 & 3)

Please email Kate if you would like to join the Online Pilates:

  • Mondays @10AM Level 3
  • Wednesdays @10AM Level 1
  • Fridays @10AM Level 2

£8 per week (payable in half term block)

Here is a list of the Pilates classes I normally run in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire and near Crickhowell, Powys: CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

Mondays at Llanfoist Village Hall

  • 9.00am      Level 3  (with Julia)
  • 10.05am    Level 2 (with Julia)  
  • 12.10pm    Level 1/2  (with Julia) 
  • 1.15pm      Level 2/3  (with Julia)

Tuesdays at Llanfoist Village Hall

  • 9.00am     Level 3 (with Kate)
  • 10.00am   Level 2  (with Kate)  
  • 11.40am   Level 1/2 (with Kate) 
  • 12.40pm   Level 1  (with Kate)
  • 5.00pm    Level 1 (with Katherine)
  • 6.00pm    Level 2 (with Katherine)
  • 7.05pm    Level 2/3 (with Katherine) 

Wednesdays at Llanfoist Village Hall

  • 9.00am     Level 1/2 (with Julia)  
  • 10.05am   Level 2  (with Julia)
  • 11.15am   Level 1 (with Julia)

Thursdays at Llanfoist Village Hall

  • 9.15am    Level 3  (with Kate) 
  • 10.20am  Level 2  (with Kate)  
  • 11.25am  Level 2/3  (with Kate) 
  • 5.40pm   Level 1/2 (with Kate) 

Classes are 55 minutes in duration

£8 per class (payable by the term), or £10.50 per class (drop-in rate)

One Day Starter Course – £65

  • Friday 3 Apr 2020 (9am-3pm) CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS

Please email Kate to book your place;

All prices include vat @20%

If you want to Swap a Class


or simply can’t attend please go to the Swap Board. Here you can make the class available to someone else and you may be able to swap to an alternative class.