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Most people live with some sort of physical discomfort; back pain, stiffness in their hips and shoulders and poor posture are just a few. All these problems will only get worse if you do nothing.

Do just one full Pilates class a week and you can rest assured that you are doing the absolute right thing. This small investment of money, time and effort will repay you massively in the long run. Your back will especially thank you for it!

Kate’s Pilates classes are designed to provide a full body workout; so that you get stronger where it matters and can move more easily and freely.

In every class Kate will expertly and safely take you through a series of Pilates exercises that will strengthen your core, stretch your muscles and mobilise your joints. Exercises to improve your posture and balance are included too.

No class is the same but they are all packed with invaluable content. With Kate’s precise instruction and friendly manner you will enjoy yourself and see results.